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igrewupweird submitted:

So, disclaimer: my therapist is a wonderful woman who has been incredibly helpful to me in the past year. But our last session was essentially devoted to me proving to her that I don’t have an eating disorder :/ Sure, I get where she was coming from in terms of non-weight/non-food related things I’ve said in the past, but it was so frustrating to hear that from someone I trust when I’ve been trying to avoid people assuming that about me my entire life…

Anonymous asked: I love your theme! How did you get the letters like that?

Thanks love (: I downloaded it. I believe it’s called “AKMy Prince”

Anonymous asked: I just love this blog! I read all the problems and basically everything is so true. Thank you for creating this site because it's so good to know that I'm not alone at this. Love you!


Anonymous asked: Im 20 about to be 21 im like a 102lbs sadly im the only one in my family that has this gene my grandma was this tiny but i don't have boobs but i have booty like Jesus come on just send a little boob action this way lol

OMG same here. My grandmother was ALL boobs on my dad’s side. I would have loved to have gotten that gene?

Anonymous asked: What really upsets me is people that are curvier are thought of God's gift just to make them feel better about themselves, and 'skinny' girls are thought of as try-hards and unnatural.. Calling a skinny girl skinny is as bad as calling a fat girl fat

Anonymous asked: The should make a "I Used To Be Skinny" TV show on MTV

Really though…MTV, get on this. 

Anonymous asked: I'm 5"10 and 120 pounds and literally never feel hungry. I eat because I have to but cannot put any weight on. Is anyone else like this?!?

I’m right here with you, it’s frustrating. 


exonimous asked: BLESS THIS BLOG


Hey loves! I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while, BUT I finally got my computer up and running again. So, I’m going to go through and respond to all of your questions/submissions!


kb0yce asked: I'm so tiny, that I just can't physically eat a lot. So when I go to restaurants, side orders are like perfect size portions, but people think I'm starving myself. So going out to eat with anyone is super awkward.

Same here! When I go out to eat I sometimes order off the kids menu. People always look at me funny or they’re like “You’re almost 21 years old. Why are you ordering off the kids menu?”


ireallycantthinkofone submitted:

Today I was called abnormally skinny. Heartlessly. Nothing new, but the fact that I didn’t take it as offensive as I could of. Maybe because I was told those who criticize are actually insecure, and let me not talk about her psychical appearance… and because in a way I felt like she was purposely trying to offend me, which in that case, it doesn’t really. Anywho, just sharing. We’re not abnormal, it’s just how we are. More people need to learn to accept it.

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